A New Year, A New Me – Blessed Be!

With the new year coming up, I have been filled with introspective thoughts about who I am and what I want my life to be over the next 12 months.  One thing I’ve decided is to stop hiding the fact that I’m a witch. Very few people know about it and I see no need to advertise my spiritual beliefs. However, there is also no need for me to hide who I am. I am proud to believe in the power of the earth’s cycles and to know that thoughts are creative in nature. It is a pleasure and a privilege to know how to anchor positive mindsets and physical changes through the power of ritual. My goal is to continue the momentum I’ve gathered over the past six months.

Over the past six months I have intensified my connection to Spirit in general. My practice is more consistent; my thoughts and words more accurately reflect my beliefs; and I embody a deeper peace now than I have ever known.  But I am now ready to step it up and increase my knowledge and power as a witch. I plan to add to my set of ritual tools, but I am fully aware that all any witch needs is her mind and a quiet space in order to access the astral energies and bring about inner and outer change.

I feel the power of the Goddess move in, through, and as me. I tap into the sacred knowledge of the Divine Feminine and I channel it through my experience now and always. I join the sorority of powerful women who have worked, often behind the scenes, to effect change in their communities. I honor the Goddess and the God as manifestations of the One Presence. I step aside and allow their influence in my life now. And so I let it be. Amen. Blessed be.

The Solitary Wiccan

Greetings and Merry Meet!

So, it has been about three weeks since I moved into my new place.  Because I didn’t have plans for the long weekend, I spent a lot of time alone.  During times of loneliness, it is important to notice one’s coping mechanisms – things we do to beat down the uncomfortable feelings we don’t want to have.  As for me, I ate too much!  But I refused to beat myself up over it – it was a holiday, after all!  It’s just something for me to notice.

In the past, to smother feelings of loneliness, I would reflexively go out and try to meet people.  This often led to me meeting men who were unworthy of my time.  Since I am determined not to use that particular coping mechanism again, I must be willing to sit with the uncomfortable feelings.  I must lean into the pain and embarrassment of loneliness and just feel what it feels like.  This is the only way to truly surrender to it and receive its gifts.

One of its immediate gifts is productivity.  I got most of my first week’s homework done for my upcoming semester at grad school.  I also got a chance to paint, which was thrilling.  I’ve got a long way to go with the painting, but I’ve made a good start.  I had a wonderful weekend!  I spent quality time with myself doing things that I love.

Being a solitary witch sometimes literally means being alone.  But with the Goddess as my constant companion, I am never really alone.  Her beauty radiates through me in all that I do, allowing me to be a positive presence, whether I am in a crowd or on my own.

Peace and blessings for the upcoming week!

With Love and Light,


work in progress. 18" X 24" acrylic

work in progress. 18″ X 24″ acrylic

What Being a Witch Means To Me

Until my next phase of education begins in June, I have extra free time, which I’ve been using to the fullest. My painting and writing are flourishing and I have added self-hypnosis to my meditation time, which has been wonderful.

The beauty of time well-spent is that, in addition to getting a lot of things done, you get a sense of clarity. I have had time to think about a lot of things, one of which is my spiritual path.

Being a witch means different things to different people. To some people it will always be some caricature of an old lady on a broom, or something scary and evil. So, I can only talk about what it means to me.

For me, being a witch means that I reject the static and inflexible notions of deity found in mainstream religion. I embrace the beauty and mystery of the natural world and believe that it has lessons to teach us. I reject old-school patriarchy and all of its dysfunction. Rather, I believe that Male and Female are the essential building blocks of Creation and that these two energies are essential counterparts to one another.

I believe that Energy is the creative force behind all visible forms and that this Energy can be manipulated by trained human minds.  I believe that true morality can only be self-imposed and must serve both common sense and the common good.

I believe that there is unbelievable power in collective unity, but that each individual is a complete manifestation of Deity.

While I believe that there are many expressions of Deity, there is really only one Intelligent Force that governs the evolution of the universe.  The practice of paganism is a humble recognition of both the One Force and its many manifestations.  It is a grateful acknowledgment that we already have everything that we need to establish heaven on earth.  To look outside one’s self to a fantasy super-hero god to “save” and “fix” things is both lazy and irresponsible.

So, for better or for worse, this is what I believe.  But I’m still learning and growing, trialing and erroring.  I’m proud of where I am right now and look forward to my own continued evolution. The most important part of any spiritual practice, though, is the practice part, so this is how I try to live my life: “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

As far as my artistic life goes, I am still working on my belated Beltane painting. This is what I have so far. I hope to finish it this week.

work in progress

work in progress

Until next time, peace and blessings on the path towards your most authentic self.

Love and Light,