New Painting & Poem

I intend to link my two loves – fine art and poetry by creating a new poem to accompany each new painting.

This latest one is called “I Smile Back”


I Smile Back


Sunshine, loved

One sleeping,

Unexpected smooch,

Child’s bubble bursting

On heavy-lidded nose,

Spring day grass mowed,



Old woman’s smile,

Horoscope matching


Being noticed,

Hugged and hugging.

Tidal ocean love,

Like smelling salts

Scary thanksgiving,

I pay attention,

Mind blinks clear,

So grateful. Grateful.

Life smiles at me,

I smile back,


I smile back.

16″x12″. Acrylic on canvas. “I Smile Back”

Back in the Game

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 1/2 years since I’ve added to this blog!

In a nutshell, looking back, I allowed others to discourage me from my true passion, which is, and always will be, fine art. I never completely stopped, but I gave up on the inside. When so much of our time is devoted to making money, and if what we do to earn money is not our passion, then, oftentimes something gets lost.

Either we feel we are not doing enough to make money, or we’re making money but are unfulfilled inside. Some are lucky or savvy enough to earn all the money they need while doing their passion. The rest of us have to play a balancing game.

We have to devote some time to each. We have to have a career that brings in a stable income and we have to do what our souls yearn to do.

I’m going back through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, which was a lifesaver when I first read it, and is proving to be a lifesaver for me again.

In the intervening years, I got married, got a master’s in writing, drove for Lyft, watched my son’s become legal adults, and am now studying for a real estate license.

How is all of this going to come together for me? How will I do the career vs. art balancing act? I don’t know for sure. But what I can say is that I will never let anyone’s opinion about my art keep me from making it ever again. That, I can say for sure.

All the love,


Untitled Abstract. watercolor on paper

12″ x 16″ Acrylic on canvas. “The Forest Has Secrets”


Hello, all,

I’m still on my path towards greater abstraction. I love complete abstracts, but the mixture of realistic and abstract provides a lot of options.

"Snow Leopard." Acrylic on canvas.

“Snow Leopard.” Acrylic on canvas.

I kind of backed into this painting, feeling my way as I went along. I’m pleased with the results and really like the process of more intuitive painting.

I hope your week is filled with art and love!


The Solitary Wiccan

Greetings and Merry Meet!

So, it has been about three weeks since I moved into my new place.  Because I didn’t have plans for the long weekend, I spent a lot of time alone.  During times of loneliness, it is important to notice one’s coping mechanisms – things we do to beat down the uncomfortable feelings we don’t want to have.  As for me, I ate too much!  But I refused to beat myself up over it – it was a holiday, after all!  It’s just something for me to notice.

In the past, to smother feelings of loneliness, I would reflexively go out and try to meet people.  This often led to me meeting men who were unworthy of my time.  Since I am determined not to use that particular coping mechanism again, I must be willing to sit with the uncomfortable feelings.  I must lean into the pain and embarrassment of loneliness and just feel what it feels like.  This is the only way to truly surrender to it and receive its gifts.

One of its immediate gifts is productivity.  I got most of my first week’s homework done for my upcoming semester at grad school.  I also got a chance to paint, which was thrilling.  I’ve got a long way to go with the painting, but I’ve made a good start.  I had a wonderful weekend!  I spent quality time with myself doing things that I love.

Being a solitary witch sometimes literally means being alone.  But with the Goddess as my constant companion, I am never really alone.  Her beauty radiates through me in all that I do, allowing me to be a positive presence, whether I am in a crowd or on my own.

Peace and blessings for the upcoming week!

With Love and Light,


work in progress. 18" X 24" acrylic

work in progress. 18″ X 24″ acrylic

Litha and School Preparations

Blessings and welcome!

I successfully completed my Litha painting – just in time for the holiday at the end of this coming week. I have always been a “sun-person” – I am a sun sign (Leo), I love warm summer nights, and I can totally understand why early human civilizations worshiped the sun!

"Litha", 16"X 20" acrylic on canvas

“Litha”, 16″X 20″ acrylic on canvas

Tomorrow my grad school program in English begins and I will be documenting my progress on my other blog.

In the meantime I plan to keep those nature-based paintings coming, but probably at a slower pace.

Until next time, peace and blessings on the path towards your most authentic self.






The Show is On!

So, my show in El Camino Library is currently on display this month and next, June 2014-July 2014.  Unfortunately two of my paintings were censored:

Eostara, 16X20, oil on canvas

Eostara, 16X20, oil on canvas

Lughnassadh, 16X20, oil on canvas

Lughnassadh, 16X20, oil on canvas

The curator warned me that this might happen because the director is a southern conservative Christian. So, I found out today that it was “not the proper venue” for these two paintings.

But, happily, the rest of my work was approved.  It is unfortunate that the human body is considered obscene, even when reproduced in paint, but that is the world in which we live.

In any case, if you’re in the area and would like to check it out, the location is the main library in El Camino College, 16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA  90506.

Until next time, peace and blessings on the path towards your most authentic self.

Love and Light,




Beltane Inspiration

With Beltane fast approaching, I’ve been spending the last few hours preparing my painting in honor of the holiday.

Beltane is a major Wiccan Sabbat and its name means ‘the fires of Bel’, the Celtic sun-god. Beltane marks the return of summer and the sun’s dominance over the earth. It is a time to celebrate the fertility of the earth and the magic bond between man and woman.

In my next painting, I will be looking to incorporate a feeling of sexually charged expectation, the beauty and magic of fire, and the playfulness of youth.  I’ll be working in acrylic on canvas, which I haven’t done for years.

In the meantime, I’ve been practicing my drawing, and working on my writing.


Until next time, peace and blessings on the path towards your most authentic self.

Love and Light,