Artist Statement

My mission as an artist is to provide an alternative view of the universe.  I am a philosophical, deeply spiritual person who is enthralled with life.  My work is mostly figurative because humans are infinitely fascinating to me.  The point of my work is to reflect the Divinity within every sentient being, depict underrepresented beauty, and to protest the various political and social realities that undermine our human dignity.  Thus, issues of racism, gender bias, and other forms of social chaos are sometimes themes in my work. However, the optimism and hope of my spiritual practice provides the bulk of my subject matter.  Ultimately, we are all connected and share a common bond as people.  We can learn a lot by critically examining our own behavior and its impact on society as a whole.  This is the message I try to convey through my work.

My greatest artistic influences are Van Gogh for his raw passion and the emotional physicality of his paintings, and Da Vinci for his broad range of curiosity and intense commitment to excellence and discovery.  This marriage of intellect and passion is something I try to infuse into my work.  Though my message tends to be thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial, my work is bright, bold, expressive and tends to contain simple compositions.  My primary media are clay, oil paint, and graphite pencil.  But, regardless of the media, my sculptures, paintings, and drawings convey my compassion for human nature and love for the human form.

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