Raven Kushner is an artist, metaphysical minister, and long-time meditation practitioner. She has a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences, a Master’s in English and Creative Writing, and an Associate’s Degree in Studio Art.

Her artistic life began as a preteen.  She would dream about poems, then wake up and write them out.  She kept a little notebook of her drawings and poems. 

After high school, she went to UCLA, majored in English, and graduated with honors.   Like everyone around her, she focused on getting a job, which eventually landed her in the insurance and mortgage industries.

Despite ignoring any notion of creativity, she kept having the crazy urge to buy children’s coloring books and Lego sets.  She fought this craving for a long time, thinking it was silly or bizarre. She just couldn’t bring herself to actually buy a coloring book! What would people say? What would she say back?

To fill this nameless void, she enrolled in an enormous range of different classes. She knew she really wanted to be an entrepreneur, but had no idea what to do.  On a lark, she took two summer courses at Otis School of Art and Design in Playa Vista, California.  Once she completed her first painting assignment, she knew she had found what was missing. 

That Fall, she enrolled in El Camino College in Torrance, California, and majored in Studio Art.  She fell in love with painting, but also enjoyed sculpture.  Even now, she tends to include texture and tactile elements in her paintings. Looking back, she realized that her “strange” urge to color and play with Legos was her soul’s way of trying to get her to paint and sculpt.  To her surprise, her poetic dreams also came back. 

Raven says she is endlessly grateful to God for patiently watching over and guiding her meanderings. Her eclectic spiritual practice is the center and backbone of her life. Her practice includes Shamanism, Wicca, New Thought, Buddhism, and Christianity. Her spiritual life informs her every decision and guides her artistic expression.

For more information, please feel free to contact her at (818) 423-0318 or raven@ravensfineart.com.