Staying True to Your Daydreams

Most people say they don’t dream at night, or that they don’t remember their dreams. When I was a pre-teen, a friend and I used to interpret each other’s dreams. We were really into it! I remember how surprised we were when we visited a book store to learn even more about dreams – and found the book in the “occult” section! We were both immediately uncomfortable because we were both raised in the book religions – her Jewish, me Muslim. Neither of us practiced anything, but we had absorbed the society’s prejudice against anything “occult.”

So, although we stopped interpreting dreams, each of us had dreams in the common use of the word. We each had hopes and goals for the future. I don’t know what hers were. Mine shifted and changed over the years. But, one thing I don’t hear too many speakers talk about are our daydreams.

Daydreams tend to be pretty self-absorbed, but they also tend to tap into what’s really important to us – things we do not write down on a goal list, or even share with anyone. However, I think these daydreams have as much, or even more, meaning than our night-time dreams.

Persistent daydreams about singing on stage might mean that you have something you want to share with the world that you’re ignoring. It doesn’t have to be music. It could be poetry, or pottery, or a promotion to a more significant position at work.

If you’re always daydreaming about getting on a train and just buying a ticket at random (one of my recurring daydreams from the past), it could mean you’re craving more adventure. It could mean that you feel trapped or bored and want to escape. It could be that you know you need more alone time and fewer burdens in order to be creative (that was mine).

So, I’d encourage you not to feel guilty about daydreaming. Don’t brush them off as silly or irrelevant. Your daydreams could be trying to tell you something – if only you would listen!

This week, I finished a drawing of a pre-Renaissance bust and also did some sketch gesture drawing for practice.

Have a beautiful week!

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