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Labor of Love Day Weekend!

Labor Day is the perfect day to get some meaningful “labor” in – and by labor, I mean art, of course!

Being an artist often means having at least 2 careers, although it definitely doesn’t have to. But, if it does, having an extra day to work on your latest project can be a bigger blessing than a family barbecue. (Although, with the current heat wave in many areas, people feel like they’re being barbecued!)

If you’re using Monday to get some extra art-time in, I suggest using Sunday night to jot down a schedule. Time can easily get sucked up by the people around us, and by the tasks we’ve been avoiding all week.

Try not to let that happen! Even if you have a full schedule tomorrow and can only give yourself 10 minutes, write it down. “From 11:00 a.m. to 11:10 a.m., I am going to…” Fill in the blank: Write an introduction to my book, doodle, plan my next work with a quick sketch, listen to my favorite piece of music, etc.

It’s important to do a little every day, but holidays are special gifts of extra time. Let’s use Labor Day for our labors of love!

With love,


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