Finding Your Voice is an Exciting Journey

Most of the advice to artists seems to involve “finding your voice.” Very few people, though, ever define what that is, tell you how to find, or how to know if you’ve successfully found it. Like most things in an artist’s life, one’s voice is something the artist has to find on his or her own

To me, finding your voice means connecting intimately with that what is trying to come through you. It means that people can look at your work and tell that it’s yours. Some artists come by this intentionally, some accidentally. For some, it’s an anxiety-producing struggle. For others, it’s easy. For me, it’s a fun adventure.

I can’t say that I have a “voice” yet. I still love experimenting too much. I definitely don’t feel ready to be locked down into any specific medium, mode, or type. Right now, it’s play – and I just do what I’m inspired to do.

I’ve noticed that I’m attracted to abstract painting, but I still like it to be based on something, not completely random. For example, I like looking at a picture and, instead of copying it, I love transforming it into something else. And I like fairly simple depictions with large graphics and shapes. But I’m still playing around. I expect what I make to evolve as I do.

Below are some pictures I took the other day. I use photos like this to inspire my next abstract piece. I don’t plan on copying any of them, per se. But I expect to be inspired by one or more of them in the upcoming weeks and months.

Have a great week of peace, joy, and creativity.


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