My Halloween “Artist Date”

Happy belated Halloween!

What a wonderful day! Coincidentally, today was the perfect day for an artist date. If you’ve ever read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, then you know what I’m talking about. An artist’s date is when you go out, by yourself, and engage in some activity that stimulates your creativity.

Today I found a branch of one of the few remaining bookstores, Barnes and Noble, and spent the morning looking around. Of course, I found myself in the art section. What surprised me, though, was how excited I was becoming. As I said last week, I intend to go in a new artistic direction, using abstract and mixed-media.

by Pichi & Avo, Spanish artists

by Pichi & Avo, Spanish artists

While browsing, I found a wonderful book, called Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual,  which really put me in a creative mood. (Yes, I realize that buying a book on graffiti is a tad nerdy, even for me. However, I do not plan on becoming a graffiti artist – just making cool stuff like one!).

by a Toronto graffiti artist

I also saw another book that had me bursting at the seams: Alternative Art Surfaces. This book has several instructions on how to use various media and surfaces for mixed media techniques. It wasn’t so much the projects themselves that inspired me (Though they looked awesome, I’m not sure if I will actually try all of them). But, the book got my own wheels turning – which is the whole point of an artist’s date.

by Noe Two, a Parisian artist

by Noe Two, a Parisian artist

A third source of information was Acrylic Artist, a magazine I had never heard of before. I bought it on the spot and can’t wait to dive in!

So, if you’re an artist who has yet to implement artist’s dates – or if you’re like me and you haven’t done one in a while – dive back in! It really makes a difference.

Here’s to a happy, productive, and creative week!


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