Glad to be Done!

Last week I graduated from my Master’s degree program in English and Creative Writing/Screenwriting. It was a wonderful experience. Now I am so happy to have the experience behind me so that I can just concentrate on my writing and my art.

This weekend I went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and got to explore one of my favorite art mediums – photography.

I also bought some paint supplies and will be starting my next piece soon.

Have a beautiful week


4 thoughts on “Glad to be Done!

  1. Congratulations Raven for graduating. To have reached your goal and to now have the freedom to write AND focus on art must be exhilarating. I remember your painting exhibit at the EC library and I still have the photos I took of your braids and I am using them as a reference.

    Incidentally, your blog and prolific output actually pushed me to finally create my own site.
    Once again, Congratulations

    • Hi, Norman!
      It’s so good to hear from you. I thought about you the other day. Yes it is exhilarating to finally have time for both the writing and the art. It feels luxurious! How are you doing? Email me some time.

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