Discovering Your Psychic Profile

I am having a great time learning and growing in Wicca. Although I am still an artist, more and more I’ve come to see my life as my art. The beauty of witchcraft is that it is not about having the right doctrine or going to the right building once a week. Witchcraft is about who you are and what you do. It is about making a tangible difference in your own life and in the lives of others through managing energy and your own psychic states.

Your psychic profile is the way your psychic ability expresses most easily. I think my current psychic profile consists of telepathy (mental communication) and somewhat precognition (knowing about things before they happen). I used to just chalk these phenomena up to the fact that I’m observant and a good listener. But, in reality, all of us have actual psychic gifts to varying degrees. Like with any skill they get stronger the more we use them.  This week I will be working on testing and strengthening my psychic skills.

One of the ways I plan to do this is by practicing lucid dreaming. You practice while you are awake by looking into a mirror several times a day, asking yourself if you’re dreaming. Then, before you go to bed you tell yourself that when you see yourself in a mirror in your dream it will be the trigger to remind you that you’re dreaming. Once you are aware that you’re dreaming, you can take control of your dream rather than just passively allowing things to happen to you in dream state.

Lucid dreams, from what I’m told, can be very healing. I have only had one partial lucid dream (where I was lucid for a few moments then went back into the passive dream state) and it was so powerful. I have also had dreams within dreams.

Anyway, this proves to be an adventurous week as I go diving into the deep waters of the subconscious.  Won’t you join me?

Have a beautiful week!

Blessed Be,


2 thoughts on “Discovering Your Psychic Profile

  1. So good to see you digging deeper into this wonderful spiritual path we are on. I have lucid dreams a lot. You are in for a real adventure! Happy sailing!

    I have a blog here on WordPress now also. Hope you’ll check it out. Only 2 posts so far but having fun. I just have so many words pestering me to get out of my head I thought it was time.

    • Merry Meet, Treetalker 52! Thanks for commenting. You are right – we have a wonderful spiritual path! That’s cool that you have had a lot of lucid dreams. I haven’t had any luck so far but I know I will!

      I will check out your blog for sure. Happy writing!


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