Loss And Gain Are All The Same

“Gain and loss are two sides of the same thing.  Through loss, you gain new things….It is the struggling against loss and the preference of gain over loss that causes suffering and retarded growth.  It is the acceptance of both loss and gain as gifts and as fuel for your growth that will propel you to greater heights faster.  In the end, you will see that loss was not really loss.  At the point when you recognize the gains you got from the loss, you will see that the loss was really a blessing, and that loss does not exist.  Every loss has a gain, if only you accept and look into it and have patience” (David Cameron Gikandi, A Happy Pocket Full of Money).

I just finished the above book this week.  Although the subject matter is a spiritual approach to money, it contains all kinds of wisdom.  I found myself reaching for my highlighter many times.  I think artists instinctively sense that money is just an illusion, that it doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.  However, in the meantime, while we’re citizens of the planet earth, we need to learn how to make and use money wisely.  This primarily means having a healthy attitude towards money and treating it with respect.

Money (like everything temporal) comes and goes, but it is our attitude towards the coming and the going that affects our level of joy.  Losses of all kinds are always devastating in the moment.  But if we’re patient and wait for the blessing, it will come.

Asian Landscape. 12"X16", watercolor and gouache on paper.

Asian Landscape. 12″X16″, watercolor and gouache on paper

Peace and blessings on your path of bliss!

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