Spring – The Perfect Time For Change

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” –Winston Churchill

I have often been made to feel guilty about the changes I’ve made in my life.  The typical path for most people is to do something and stick with it, no matter how boring or life-draining, or irrelevant to one’s ultimate goals.

But, for better or worse I’ve always allowed myself to try things, to explore things that interest me.  But, despite having tried and enjoyed many things, reading and writing have always been my lifelong companions.  Reading allows me to jump into different worlds, to learn about famous people, to develop new hobbies, etc.  Writing allows me to express my deepest longings.

Art, although it has come to me later in life, is also about expressing inner self and communicating emotions, first to myself and then to others.

I’ve decided to pursue my writing in a more formal and dedicated fashion.  Having this blog has been a wonderful experience and I plan to continue for as long as feasible.  But, as I grow and evolve, so will this blog.

I hope you all will stay tuned for all the exciting changes to come.

Until next time, peace and blessings on the path towards your most authentic self.

Love and Light,


work in progress

work in progress

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