Tribute to John Collier

“An omnipotent Deity who sentences even the vilest of his creatures to eternal torture is infinitely more cruel than the cruelest man.”  —John Collier

"Inspired By The Butterfly", pastel and ink on sketch pad paper, 9" X 12"

“Inspired By The Butterfly”,
pastel and ink on sketch pad paper, 9″ X 12″

This sketch was inspired by a painting I saw recently called The Butterfly by John Collier. I liked how he captured the beauty and gentle strength of the divine feminine.  I’m not sure what inspired the painting for Collier, but I was inspired by the image of The Goddess in all her wisdom and quiet endurance.

Inside all of us is the strength and dignity of The Goddess.  Whenever we quietly endure adverse circumstances in the anticipation of a better tomorrow, that is The Goddess within at work.  Whenever we empathize with someone who is suffering and lend our prayers and support, that is The Goddess.  Whenever our inner beauty shows on our faces as radiant joy and gratitude, for that we can thank The Goddess.

May this coming week be filled with art, love, and beauty – the purest expression of The Goddess.

Until next time, peace and blessings on the path towards your most authentic self.

Love and Light,


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