What Does It Mean To Be Impeccable With Your Word?

I am currently rereading Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements.  I try to reread certain key books periodically in order to keep their concepts fresh in my mind. The book is about how to live a life of peace and power by examining your mental agreements.

Any culture’s “agreements” are its set of assumptions, cultural rules and practices.  They are the prejudices we inherent from our families, friends, media, etc.  They are called agreements because although they are forced upon us as children, at some point we become domesticated and accept them for ourselves.  As adults we have the right and the capacity to accept these agreements, or reject them and establish new ones.

The first new agreement suggested by Ruiz is to “Be Impeccable With Your Word.” Impeccable literally means “without sin”. Ruiz is not talking about sin in a religious context.   He means we must use our words as instruments of love, period – not as gossip, complaints, revenge, or speaking poorly about ourselves or others.  What comes out of our mouths should bring healing, upliftment, and honor towards ourselves and others.

One way we dishonor ourselves is that we make up negative, ugly stories about our lives and our circumstances.  How we describe ourselves  – to ourselves and to others  – is of dire importance.  If we use our words as instruments of love, we will describe ourselves in honoring and uplifting terms that respect our natural gifts, talents, capacities, and our unique path.  Our words will be generous and loving.  If we use our words improperly, we will reside in a hell of our own making and encourage others to treat us poorly.

For example, if a woman is a single mother, she can describe herself as having a failed marriage. She can tell others that her life is hard and one of struggle and pain.  She can see herself as a loser, desperate for help and destined for misery.  Or, she can see herself as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, charged with the responsibility of loving and shaping young minds.  She can know that she is fully supported by the Goddess and by loving friends and family.

Or, if a man, for example, has financial trouble, or debt, or is between jobs, he can describe his life as pathetic and useless. He can see himself as less of a man, and can therefore justify doing nothing, becoming nothing, and blaming others for his sorry fate.  Or he can see himself as a unique and special creation of the Divine which is seeking expression in the physical world through his life.  He can tell himself that he is allowing his life to be used as an instrument of Creation.  He can know that money will come to him as needed as he submits to his calling and makes himself available to be of service to the world around him.  His financial life is a part of his life; it is not the whole thing.

This is not mind games or self-deception.  If you tell yourself you are a failure, if you gossip about others and believe the worst about the world around you – you are right.  You will live in a world that reflects your deepest held beliefs.  You will live in hell and will try to get others to join you.  On the other hand, if you are impeccable with your word, you will change your own mind and your body chemistry.  You will attract support and encouragement from unseen sources and your life will begin an upward spiral.  You will reside in heaven and will be a beneficial presence on the planet.

This does not mean we are irresponsible.  Surely, we must take responsibility for our own actions.  Our life circumstances are the result of a series of choices we made in the past.  But once a choice has been made, we have the ability to shape the consequences of that choice.  Our attitudes, our behavior ,and our actions are influenced by what we think about most of the time – and by the quality of our words.

Join me this week as I work on being impeccable with my word.  Tell me how it goes and what challenges you run into.

Until next time, peace and richest blessings on your path towards your most authentic self.

Love and Light,


sketchbook drawing, colored pencil

sketchbook drawing, colored pencil

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