The Preemptive Gratitude List – How To Stay The Course

Namaste, Merry Meet, and Welcome!

I missed you guys!  Last week I was deathly ill, but I am back on track now.

Since one of my New Year’s resolutions involves health and fitness, starting the year off sick was not ideal.  However, it did help break the back of some bad habits, simply because I was unable to eat for a little over 2 days.

Sometimes this is what it takes to reset habitual negative patterns and start fresh – a cold-turkey detox, full-blown abstinence from the offending behavior. Although, under normal circumstances, this is very difficult, it is also the best way and the first step towards committing fully to a new way of life, and leaving bad habits behind.

Thus, commitment is the second step.  Once the old, established pattern has been broken, something needs to take its place.  A solid, healthy habit must fill the void and be incorporated into one’s routine.  And wishful thoughts of “I’m going to TRY to do such and such” will not cut it.  As the great Yoda says– there is no TRY, there is only “do” and “not do”.

The third step is sustained, detailed visualization.  I described my New Year’s resolutions as a Pre-emptive Gratitude List.  It is a list of things that I am thankful for in advance.  Among other things, I am thankful in advance for a slim, healthy, fit body, great skin, and an abundance of youthful energy. I really see me, as this woman, in my mind’s eye.  In consciousness, it is already done.

Now, my means for allowing this state to unfold is to embrace a balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes whole, natural foods, little to no processed foods or refined sugars, daily meditation, moderate exercise, and lots of loving!  But the actions follow the state of mental clarity; I am not trying to force anything to happen.  I am merely allowing what I believe to be true about myself to become visible and evident to everyone else!

So, the clear vision comes first, then the releasing of old, stale habits that no longer serve you, then the whole-hearted embracing of exciting new positive habits, which match the You that is trying to evolve into manifestation.

Peace and richest blessings on the path towards your most authentic Self.

Send me any questions or comments you might have.  Until next time,

Love and Light,

The Raven

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