The Power of Focus

Focusing is not something that comes naturally to me.  I tend to juggle, multi-task, and exhibit other sub-clinical ADD-like tendencies.  However, I truly believe in the power of focus.

Almost all of the greats in every field (with Leonardo da Vinci being the first exception that comes to mind) mastered their particular fields by focusing intensely on perfecting that one discipline.  Ford had his cars, Edison had his inventions, Disney had the creation of fantastical worlds.

My problem has always been my love for – and competency at doing – many different things.  But more and more I am coming to appreciate (and reluctantly embrace) the power of focus.  Because I can do a lot of things competently, I have had trouble narrowing my focus to just one thing.  However, in 2014, my intent is to focus.

My plan is to take the first three or four months of next year to decide what I should focus on.  The rest of the year will be implementing a plan to master that specific something.

Wish me luck!

Peace and blessings.  And until next time…follow your bliss!

20" X 25" white colored pencil on black illustration board.

20″ X 25″ white colored pencil on black illustration board.

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