Where Do Ideas Come From?

For artists of all kinds, one of the biggest concerns is how to come up with ideas and where to get inspiration.  For me, it really comes down to just living my life.  A popular saying is “An unexamined life is not worth living.”  But for me, the opposite saying rings more true: “the un-lived life is not worth examining.”

I have found that ideas come to me the fastest when I am busy having interesting experiences – meeting new people, trying new things, going to different places, trying new foods, etc.  When I am enjoying life and observing – really observing – what is going on around me and within me, ideas just flow.

One popular exercise I have heard of is to write down, every day, five things you’ve noticed.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  All that matters is that you are able to describe it.  This seems simple.  But how often do we sashay through life, completely oblivious to the people, things, and situations all around us?  How many of us, when we have a free moment, spend it playing games on our cell phones, or calling someone we talk to all the time? What would happen if we were to just sit there and observe, or talk to the strangers we find ourselves around?

Another source of inspiration for me is the Stillness within.  When I am in a position to be empty of all my thoughts, opinions, and mental chatter – such as during a long walk, during meditation, or just as I am about to fall asleep or wake up – the best ideas come to me.  At that point, I am only taking dictation.  My responsibility is to have a pen and paper next to my bed so I don’t lose those precious moments.

So, ideas are all around us, waiting to be explored.  The elusive Muse is not as capricious as She seems to be.  The Goddess loves Creativity and is always on the lookout for a willing vessel.

Let us be those willing vessels this week as we follow our bliss!

Peace and blessings…

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