When Things Fall Into Place

Yep, sometimes it happens.  Sometimes things just fall into place.

Sometimes something – or someone –  you didn’t even know you wanted and needed falls into your lap – drama free.

Sometimes something that you needed, and thought you’d have to do without, shows up – just shows up!  No begging, no bargaining, no strain, no nothing.

Sometimes Happiness is just on the next block – you know, the one you thought was just as sketchy as the block you’re walking on?  Sometimes that block is shiny, and clean, and people meet you there with hugs and balloons.

Sometimes things just work out.

So, do I advocate sitting on your bum, hoping, wishing, for all your problems to be solved – for the things you want to just show up in your life with no effort on your part?

No, but I would advocate Faith.  Not necessarily faith in a particular deity or even in yourself. I advocate Faith in the process of Living.  And I discourage Worry.  Worry chases things away.  If you live long enough, and if you allow it, sometimes, out of the blue, good things come.  Good things come.

So, here’s to Faith and Worry-Free Living!

Peace and blessings and follow your bliss…

(no drawings today, but I finished the first draft of my screenplay! I’ll post it next week.)

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