Writing and Research

This week has been all about getting stuff done.  Somehow, someway, I completed 2 short stories and a play in the last few weeks.  I still have a screenplay to finish, and some other random assignments, but I couldn’t be happier over what I’ve accomplished so far!

What I am learning, especially, is the importance of research.  There are a lot of things I want to write about that I have no direct experience with.  I do most of my research on the internet.  However, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to actually listen to people talk and ask them questions about their lives.  If you get in the habit of doing that, you can create characters that really feel authentic.  I just posed some interview questions to a friend today and can’t wait to get the responses back.  I am so excited to see what I learn!

People are infinitely fascinating.  If you tend to get bored with people easily, it may be because you are only skimming the surface layers of life.  Once you peel back those layers, ask the right questions – and listen – it is amazing how interesting people really are.

As far as my art goes, I put the final touches on my Samhain painting and finished a watercolor from last week.  If each day were 48 hours instead of 24, perhaps I could get a ton of writing and a ton of painting done.  But as it stands, each week tends to focus on one or the other!

Have a wonderful week of peace and beauty. And always, always, follow your bliss…

2 thoughts on “Writing and Research

  1. So good to hear you are digging into your writing. It is definitely your strong point. Will you be posting some pieces here? I would like to read some. Also it seems that watercolors are fast becoming your strongest art media. I love your untitled watercolor on paper. Stay strong and keep following YOUR bliss.

  2. Hi, Carrie,
    Thanks for commenting. Yes, one of my pages is entitled “Writing” and I uploaded the drafts of my first few short stories there. Peace and blessings!

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