Veteran’s Day

One would think that having an extra day off of school would allow me to get extra things done.  It did, but not the things I was “supposed” to do.  I spent the weekend doing things I wanted to do, which was great.  However, tomorrow I will have to spend the day doing the things I was actually supposed to do.  In other words – 3 days of effort crammed into one.

But in the midst of the hurry I would like to take the time to thank the men and women who serve in our military.  I am grateful that there are people who are motivated to serve  in that way.  If this country were relying on people like me to defend it, we would either have to do a lot better at being peaceful – or get used to speaking some new language because we would be conquered.  But the world needs people like me and the world needs people like our men and women in service.

So rather than simply saying “Thank you for your service”, here is my prayer for our military and their families: May you know the joys and comforts of home as soon as possible.   If you are back home, may you know and experience the natural abundance of the universe and feel, deep down, that all of your needs are met.  May you feel at the core of your being that you are loved and appreciated.  May you accept that the life you have chosen is difficult and complicated but that we need you – whole, safe, and healthy.  May your life experience reflect the honor of the brave soldier that you are.  May your days to come be filled with love and laughter, free from any shadows from the past.  You are loved and appreciated and I am wishing you a wonderful Veteran’s Day. With gratitude and joy…Amen.

This week may all of us, vets and non-vets alike, live out our callings with our heads held high and follow our bliss…

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