“Everything Happens For a Reason” – Annoying But True

I used to inwardly feel annoyed when people would say “everything happens for a reason”.  In the moment, you really don’t want to hear it.  It doesn’t seem possible that something you were counting on being snatched away from you could possibly be for your own good.  It feels like one of those pat phrases that people trot out when they don’t know what else to say.

But I have to say that it has proven to be true in my own life.  Whenever I have lost friends, boyfriends, job opportunities, etc., it has always felt like the end of the world.  I used to waste time plotting revenge or talking about it over and over to anyone who would listen.  Now, I tell a few trusted individuals then figure out how to move on.  The quicker I can do this, the sooner I usually realize why it was for the best.

In my case, the losses usually happen because I allowed something into my life that I had mixed feelings about from the beginning.   I chose to settle for less than what I deserve out of a feeling of desperation, or the perception of scarcity – “I’d better grab this opportunity because another one might not come along”.  Whenever I have done this, the opportunity, relationship, job, etc, ends up being a nightmare.  The universe has gently shown me that being selective is O.K.  Scarcity is a myth meant to keep us in fear, encouraging us to settle rather than Shine.

Over the years, I have learned that we are all divinely cared for.  I have learned that circumstances come and go.  They are lessons, not things to cling to.  Not everything, nor everyone, is meant to stay for a lifetime.  However, the lessons those events and people bring with them are real and eternal.  The blessings last forever, even if the people and circumstances do not.

This wonderful week brings not only my birthday on Tuesday but my second art show, beginning Friday night.  I am eternally grateful for my continued evolution and spiritual unfoldment.

I am wishing all of us perseverance in pursuing our dreams.  We can do it if we do the work, and don’t give up.  And always remember to follow your bliss…

Peace and blessings!

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