Participating In Your Own Evolution

I heard someone today make a very interesting comment about evolution.  He said that the history of evolution has been an external progression – something that happened TO us to get us this far – but that the future of evolution will be participatory.  In other words, we are co-creators with the evolutionary process.  I agree.  We can already see evidence of this with climate change, our various lists of extinct and near-extinct creatures, and our almost dogged pursuit of our own destruction.

While it is fascinating to think of such things on a grand scale, the details of our daily lives seem much more pressing.  Fortunately, the same idea applies on the micro-level.  We co-create the progression of our own lives – our own personal evolution – through our interaction with life’s circumstances and events.

For instance, in my last blog I spoke offhand about the mistreatment and cruelty I experienced last week and my struggle to maintain my inner peace.  I knew that my response to this event was critical not only to the health of my spirit but also to my future circumstances and Karmic influences.  I have learned through experience that instead of fighting negative circumstances, the key is to stop resisting at once.  That doesn’t mean to get cozy with negativity or to tell yourself that it’s O.K.  No, ceasing resistance means asking yourself questions like “What must I do to get through this event with dignity, poise, and self-love” or “If this situation were to remain unchanged, how must I adapt?”  “How can I respond with grace to this situation?”.

These questions allow us to counter our natural, emotional, ego-based reactions with Goddess-like thoughts.  These thoughts provide the space needed to develop our highest and best responses to tense, difficult situations.   Also, on a practical level, the sooner we stop resisting negativity, the sooner it goes away.

This, at least, has been my experience.  The difficult people and circumstances I was dealing with disappeared so quickly that it was shocking.  The situation was still unjust, unethical, unbecoming, and many other things – but I am now free of them.  That situation is no longer a problem and, in fact, seems as if it happened a long time ago.

So, my point is that we are not passive pawns in some cosmic game of chess.  We are not simply victims of happenstance cowering before the whims of fate.  Yes, life is unpredictable and even heart-rending at times.  But when we sit down to the card game of life, it is the skillful playing of the hand we’ve been dealt that ultimately determines our happiness – and whether or not we make a positive impact on this planet.

So, we co-create our destiny through our spiritual practice.  But we do not do it alone.  I can say, without question, that the gods and goddesses in human flesh –also known as my friends – have been instrumental to my success in dealing with negative situations.  To them I send a special blessing of Love, Peace, and Harmonizing Prosperity.

May you have a great week co-writing your destiny by standing up to life with grace and peaceful determination.  Love and blessings!  Now, please, go follow your bliss…

Below is my progression of work this week.  I’ve got a long way to go, but things are coming along…  🙂

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