Lessons from Lughnassadh

Happy belated Lughnassadh!  Although I have been studying Wicca for a little while, this year, this season, marks my first as a practicing Wiccan.  Lughnassadh was August 1 and celebrates the “marriage of Lugh”, the Celtic god of the Sun, vegetation, and the fields.  Lugh’s marriage to the Crone Goddess of Death represents the beginning of the Fall harvest.   The holiday is pronounced (LOO-nuh-suh) but is also called Lammas.  It is a grand, or lunar Sabbat and, thus, a very important pagan/Wiccan day of celebration.  Lughnassadh is a time for giving thanks to the Mother Goddess, the Lady of the Harvest, for her bounty.

The bounty of the fall harvest determined whether one would survive the winter or not during less technologically-advanced times.  In present times, it is important to give thanks for all the food, clothing, shelter, and resources we have access to.  No matter what our current struggles and trials are, there is always something to give thanks for.  There is always something in our lives that represents bounty and plenty.  Some have beauty, some intelligence, some wealth, some many friends, others are intuitive, or wise counselors, or have athletic skills, or great families, or a quick wit.

There is always some way that the Goddess has blessed us, some way that God shows up in the world as You and Me.  Each of us is unique and special, but because we are all Spirit-beings, no one is inherently better than anyone else.  Some use their immense gifts for the good of the planet.  Others get lost in their journey on earth and use their gifts to bully, abuse, and bring pain to the planet.  Yet underneath the expression – positive or negative – the God-stuff remains the same.

Knowing this helps us take the things people do less personally.  Justice must be done, yes, but try to remember that the things people “do to us” are not about us.  Bad behavior is the result of a lost and hurting person taking out their frustration and false sense of separation from God on the people around them.

I have had to remind myself of this again and again because of the bullying and hostility I faced this past week.  It hurts, yes.  But I have the protection of my Ancestors and Angels and the prayers of the beautiful Spirit-filled individuals I have the honor of calling friends.

Artistically, I am still working out my vision for my next body of work (see last week’s post if you missed it).  I have many things in mind but am still working out how I want to begin.  In the meantime, below is a drawing I did of rap artist Jay-Z.  Although I don’t listen to his music, I saw his picture in Rolling Stone magazine and was struck by it.  It captured me because I felt from his Spirit a complete ownership of his mission in life.  I have also heard him in interviews and he seems to understand the immense personal responsibility that comes with great success.

Whatever we do in this world, we do it for the Love-Intelligence that governs the universe.  I am thankful for all that I have and all that is to come.  I have complete faith and confidence that all of my needs are met.  I believe this for myself and for all that read this.  Peace and richest blessings!  And may you all follow your bliss…

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