My Masters Project on Wicca

This week has been all about research.  My next major project is for my Masters in Metaphysics.  I attended the University of Metaphysical Sciences about 4 years ago and the only thing missing was my thesis, which I am finally completing.  Because the University offers a spiritual program outside of mainstream religion, its practices are more flexible and appropriate for a metaphysician.  I was allowed to co-create my thesis project in a way that satisfies the requirements of the degree but also reflects my unique patterns and gifts.

I am creating a book on the Wiccan wheel of the year.  The book will be based on a series of paintings I am creating that will illustrate the essence of each holiday (Sabbat) and contain an explanation of each one.  It will also have a section on my personal experience with this spiritual practice, tips for rituals, and my bio.  I will be turning the paintings into prints which will illustrate the written portion.  If I feel it is worthy, I may even make it available on Amazon.  The project is slightly overwhelming for me since I have never attempted something like this before but I am also really excited about it.  I am nervous about the outcome, but I trust that the process itself will expand my consciousness in many unforeseen ways.

So, although I have no sketches to show yet, I will share below some of the images I have found that have inspired me.  As my usual practice, I rarely base my paintings on any one photograph.  Rather, I like to look at a bunch of references then come up with an image that captures the essence of everything I have looked at.  The images all have something to do with the Wiccan calendar, either directly or indirectly.

Wicca is a nature-based spiritual practice centered around the rhythms of nature.  It celebrates the complementary gifts of the Male and the Female as reflections of the God and Goddess.  Nevertheless, it is essentially a female-empowering spiritual discipline that elevates the Goddess, the Earth, and Intuition.  It has gotten a bad name due to the biases of the book-based religions, but witchcraft is not evil or even superstitious.  The rituals are not believed to have power in and of themselves, they are merely visual anchors and reminders which facilitate the internal energy shifts required to make changes in one’s life experience.

I hope to explain more about this as I progress in the project.  For now, please enjoy these beautiful images derived from various sources on the internet.

May you have a beautiful, heart-centered week dedicated to service in whatever sphere you currently find yourself in.  And don’t forget to follow your bliss!  Peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “My Masters Project on Wicca

  1. Hello Raven

    Your Wicca book will be a deep, deep project. The layout will be the hard part.

    I notice that there are blue eyes and fair skin in the iconic images . I assume that the artists have a European orientation? Understandable, since Wicca is thought of as European. Will that be your orientation also? I ask, because indigenous Africans were in Europe, don’t you think?

    If you are interested in brown skin iconography (not necessarily Wicca), email me and i will suggest links. Not telling you what to do, of course–you are the artist with the vision. Just some observations and casual thoughts…


  2. Hi, N,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I always vary the ethnicity of my subjects but it depends on the scene. I’m excited about the project, and look forward to seeing how it will turn out. Yes, Wicca is for everyone. Most cultures around the world were pagan/nature-based before the book religions began to dominate. So far I haven’t had any trouble finding ethnic references but I’m curious about the links you’re referring to. Send them to me if you get a chance. Take care!

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