Last Week of Art School

This past week was my final one at El Camino College.  It was a life-changing experience for which I am so grateful.  I sacrificed a great deal in order to complete my studio art degree – namely living on a couch in my mother and uncle’s apartment and enduring an untold number of challenges.

Nevertheless, I am proud of the artist I have become.  I started with almost no skills and grew to the point where I was accepted into more than one bachelor’s degree program.  However, I decided not to pursue a third bachelor’s.  I am content with my existing Bachelor’s degrees in English lit and Metaphysics, and my Associates degree in Studio Art.  I look forward to increasing and integrating my skill sets through continued classes, workshops, and practice.  And I look forward to continuing to grow as an individual.  My ultimate goal is to live a life of deep meaning and impact – to be a beneficial presence on the planet in every sense of that word.

I am grateful for all of you readers who are taking this journey with me.  I hope you’ll hold me accountable to my highest aspirations, ask me questions if you like, and make a difference in your own communities.

And most importantly – follow your bliss!

Following is a video of my oldest son performing in his school’s talent show,  and below that is my work from the final week of school.  Peace and blessings!

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