Memorial Day Gratitude

There’s nothing like a bout of ill health to make you more appreciative of good health.  I have spent my Memorial Day holiday on the couch, sick, watching videos on YouTube and Hulu.  Nevertheless I have been more aware than ever of what our soldiers in the military, past and present, have done to protect this country.  I am also very grateful for what my ancestors have done to ensure that I have the freedoms and rights that I currently have.  It was only a generation ago that people could be denied entrance to college due to the color of their skin.  People of different races were legally barred from getting married all the way into the 1960’s.  And the generation before that faced racial evil and barbarous practices that are hard to even think about, let alone describe.

So, I am choosing to take this Memorial Day as a day of gratitude.  I am grateful that my own health is returning (just in time for a long week at school).  I am grateful that I live in a nation where freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness are still cherished ideals.  I am grateful that my ancestors endured the horrors they had to endure to ensure my current opportunities (I will not let them down!).  And I am grateful that I have such a wonderful group of subscribers that not only read my ramblings but are truly making a difference in their own lives, in their own ways.

Happy Memorial Day, and have a great week of following your bliss!  Don’t forget to Like me on Facebook!  Peace and blessings…

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Gratitude

  1. Hi Raven,
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. You certainly are right about being sick making you appreciative of good health. I try to practice gratitude daily, not an easy task in our negative based society. I find that just like everything else, the more I put out there the more I get back. Being grateful for even the things that seem negative at the time has taught me that the universe has a way of turning around some pretty awful situations if we can just bring ourselves to dig for that proverbial silver lining. Thanks for making us think about being grateful for all those who came before us that have made our paths a bit easier and possible. This comes at a time when I’ve been digging into my ancestry and thinking of all those hardships they endured to give their children a better life and how it has trickled down to myself now able to live an artists life which would have been an impossibility for them. At a time in this country where it seems sometimes that there is so much wrong we need to step back and look at the positive things that are happening and have happened. There is always hope and the more of us that think that way the better chance we have of turning things around.

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