A Marilyn Manson Easter

Last week I talked about, and got in touch with, my shadow self.  I am not a religious person but I am deeply spiritual.  I have never really been one to get in trouble.  I show up when I’m supposed to, usually on time.  I do what I’m supposed to.  I take people’s feelings into account before I speak.  I care for those around me and always want to make people laugh and feel good.

But…my shadow self doesn’t give a fuck what you think, is only concerned about myself and my goals, likes dirty non-romantic sex, and is fascinated with ghosts and dark spirits.

So…my normal self wishes you a happy Easter.  I hope that you had a wonderful dinner with your family and/or friends.  I spent most of the day alone listening to Marilyn Manson and painting.

In honor of my Shadow, please enjoy the following video.  (If you are religious, please don’t watch the video).

Much love and peace to you this week.  Below the video are this week’s works in progress…

I love you Marilyn!!

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