People That Make You Cry Are Good For You!

Today I listened to a really cool webinar on how to improve your mindset for success.  There were tons of great tips but the best one was about expanding your boundaries.  Truly successful people, in any field, push against their boundaries every day.

As humans, we do things for efficiency.  We tend to conserve our energy, doing things in as few steps as humanly possible – not expending unnecessary effort.  The positive outcome to this is that we invent things to make our lives easier.  (Aren’t you glad you don’t have to beat your clothes against a rock to get them clean?)  The downside to this, though, is that we have a tendency to be lazy.  If something looks like it is going to make us sweat, we have a tendency to put it off, or avoid it altogether.

In fact, we seek out our comfort zones in every area.  We tend to hang around people who look like us, act like us, approve of whatever we do, and generally don’t make us uncomfortable.  But if we really want to be successful, this won’t work.  We need to seek out experiences and people who force us to grow, who make us think, who nudge us out of our comfort zones and make us uncomfortable.  These types of people challenge us to grow, confront us with our own weaknesses, and call bullsh*t on our excuses.  They make us better people.  Though they might make us cry, they are our best gift.   And whether we like them or not, they are our best friends.

May we all push against our boundaries this week, do something kind of scary, and give thanks to those people in our lives who force us to rise to the occasion.

Now go follow your bliss…

This was my week off before my grueling last semester begins so I don’ t have any works in progress.  But I do have a couple of links to some of the cool stuff my art friends are doing: Jack Topus and Grace Haynes.

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