The L.A. Art Show

This was a great week filled with beautiful art.  The L.A. Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center was definitely an event worth attending.  My mother surprised me with a ticket so I used it to attend the show on Thursday.

Although cameras were allowed inside, policies on picture-taking varied per gallery.  Due to the threat of rain, I left my camera at home and enjoyed the artistic feast with my bare eyeballs.   One hundred galleries were represented.  The majority of the attendees seemed to be collectors with a few students and others mixed in.  Given the prices of the works, serious collectors would be the primary target of the gallery reps that attended.  The lowest price I spotted was $900.00 and the highest was $1,250,000.  That highest price went for a painting called “All That Glitters” by Nelson Shanks.

The amount of artwork present was enormous; it consisted primarily of paintings and sculptures – mostly oil paintings and bronze sculptures.  But there was significant variety and very high quality.  Out of the 100 galleries present, I had 13 favorites:

1)      Borsini-Burr Gallery in Montara-By-The-Sea, CA

2)      Murloge Gallery of Fine Art in Los Angeles, CA

3)      S.R. Brennen Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ, Palm Desert, CA & Santa Fe, NM

4)      Simard Bilodeau Galleries in Montreal, Canada and Laguna Beach, CA

5)      Kendall Fine Art in Atlanta, GA

6)      Surovek Gallery in Palm Beach, FL

7)      Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, CA

8)      M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans, LA

9)      Stern Pissarro Gallery in London, England

10)  Arcadia Gallery in New York, NY

11)  Ten 472 Contemporary Art in Nevada City, NV

12)  Fabien Castanier Gallery in Studio City, CA

13)  The Mcloughlin Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Several individual art pieces blew me away, but the one that stuck with me the longest was “At The Auction” by Daniel Greene.  It was a 50”X50” oil on canvas painting of an art auction scene.  It was beautifully rendered and captured the intensity and poignancy of the art auction scene.  Mr. Greene is represented by S.R. Brennen Galleries.

The other art event I attended occurred last night.  The Trunk Gallery is an art gallery in Venice, CA.  The opening featured several local artists and was artist-run.  The exhibition was collaborative in nature, embodying the best of Venice’s casual art environment and the openness of street art.  The music was pumping, the bar was open, there were markers out for attendees to write on the walls, and there was even a spoken word performance.  The work varied from photography to sculpture, to paintings and drawings, to installations.  It was very laid back and unpretentious and I had a wonderful time.

The best thing I gleaned from this week was heightened motivation.  I am truly blessed to live in Los Angeles with so many wonderful cultural events and opportunities for learning and growth.  With less than two weeks of vacation left I feel inspired to work harder than ever.  That’s what it’s like when you’re pursuing your dreams – work is play and play is work.

Have a great week of work and play and go follow your bliss.

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