Basic Practice Breeds Brilliant Performance

The biggest thing that informs everything I do in my art is my relationship to the spiritual realm. Every morning and every evening I quiet my mind and reconnect to the higher level of myself, the one that knows things, the one that has access to wisdom that feels elusive during normal waking hours. The messages that come to me sometimes encourage, sometimes inspire, sometimes provide gentle warnings, and often motivate me to confront issues I’ve been avoiding.

I welcome these messages during meditation, but I cannot command them to come.  Spirituality, like quality art, cannot be conjured up or forced. It is not something you do; it is something that does you.  The foundation for transcendent moments is daily, mundane practice.  For spirituality, it means getting up early and meditating, whether you feel like it or not; and it means forgiving and letting go, whether you feel like it or not.  For art, it means drawing and painting regularly, reading books, watching tutorials, studying the masters, etc.  The mundane practice is not the fun or glamorous part; the days of ho-hum are more numerous than the days of transcendence.  But the latter is not possible without the former.

This lesson applies to whatever we do in life – whether it’s sports, or parenting, or teaching, etc.  Moments of brilliance and breakthrough are supported by all the days of thankless service, boring practice, and the routine honing of skill.  This is why, to be truly brilliant at anything, you have to love it, and you have to persevere, day in and day out.  You do all this and one day someone will say to you “I wish I could do that – she makes it look so easy!”

Have a great week of thankless service!  Now go follow your bliss…

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