Holy &%**! I’m an Artist!

I don’t know if famous artists always knew they were artists or if it hit them one day.  For me it came this week.  I don’t often refer to myself, verbally, as an artist. I’m not sure what the hesitancy is – perhaps the fear of being compared to far more accomplished artists.  In any case, while working on one of my latest paintings I thought to myself.  Oh my God, I’m an artist.

This revelation did not come to me as a result of anything extraordinary about what I was working on.  The feeling, I believe, can be more attributed to how I’ve been spending my time.  Every day, and for most of the day, I have been reading about and/or practicing my art.  I could easily lounge around, or go out, or do any number of other things with my free time.  But what I choose to do is art.  I want to do it more than I want to do anything else.  That is what makes me an artist.

The skill will come in time.  I am getting better little by little.  But what we love and are committed to is revealed through how we spend our time.  Commitment precedes results.  Whatever it is we say we want to get better at – whether it’s being better artists, being better partners, being healthier, etc. – we have to put our time where our mouth is.  Time is the only commodity we can never get back so how we spend it is really important.

May we all use our time wisely this week and do what is important to us.  Now go follow your bliss…

This week’s work…

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