“Admire As Much As You Can…”

The above is a quote from Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo.  Vincent was working at his uncle’s art store which sold prints by various artists.  Vincent loved pouring over these images; they inspired him and satisfied his natural curiosity.  He enthusiastically wrote to Theo “Admire as much as you can, most people do not admire enough.”

This quote struck me as particularly poignant.  It is so easy to take the world around us for granted.  Real seeing involves more than the eyes.  It involves one’s entire being, particularly at the level of consciousness.  To really see something – or someone – we must suspend preconceived notions, judgments, assumptions, prejudices, and agendas, and enjoy the thing or the person for who and what they truly are.  Admiration is the natural result of right seeing.

All of creation is magical and fascinating in its own way.  Conversely, when we forget to admire, we treat each other like things.  We devour Creation, consuming nature for what it can give us, raping it for our own profit or pleasure, instead of loving and caring for it out of respect and admiration.  Admiration is the natural consequence of Love.  And Love is our true nature once we put aside petty material concerns – when we re-experience the consciousness we had when we were newborns.  In the magical state of childhood, everything is admired; the world is truly seen in all its wonder.

May we become like little children again, like Vincent always was, and admire this week – as much as we possibly can.

Now go follow your bliss…

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