What To Do When You – and Your Artwork – Suck

THE artist’s life is a lot like the spiritual life.  There are periods of growth, moments of pure joy and ecstasy, frustrating plateaus, moments of boredom and restlessness, and times where everything just freaking sucks.

I believe that the proper response to any of these periods, whether talking about the spiritual life or the artistic life, is just to let it ride.  Even if you are going through a high point, you have to just observe it with a sense of non-attachment.  These moments are precious, but they are just as transitory as the tough times.

This week I felt as if I sucked.  Nothing was good enough.  All I could see were flaws.  I had the strange urge to hurl my latest painting through the window then jump out after it.  In the end, it was just an Artistic Moment; and it will pass.

So, artists, whether you’re going through Artistic Ecstasy or a Creative Dark Night of the Soul, remember that all of these things have come to PASS, not stay.

Have a great week and follow your bliss…

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