Art and Communication

Art is my passion and life commitment, but I consider myself a student of Life in general.  I love learning about how things work and the connections between different subjects.  One thing that fascinates me about art is its ability to communicate without words.  In fact, art is much better and quicker than words at communicating.  How many times has someone misunderstood your words?  How many relationships have been destroyed due to a lack of communication?  Perhaps if we just walked around holding pieces of art over our faces instead of speaking, or sending small drawings to people instead of emails, many a relationship would be saved.

Dr. Demartini, a famous New Thought motivational speaker, gave a talk where he says that not only do people want to be loved and appreciated for who they are, who they are is a reflection of their highest values.  This makes a lot of sense.  That is why some people are harder for us to communicate with than others – their value system may be very different from ours.  Value systems are a reflection of one’s culture and upbringing, which is also why people of similar cultures and upbringings tend to understand each other a little better.

Ultimately, art can bridge gaps in communication that words are simply inadequate for.  Political leaders all over the world have used portraits, statues, stamps, coins, etc. to communicate their authority.  Corporations use logos to quickly identify themselves and their values.  The toughest thing for most artists to establish is their unique point of view.

As an art student, developing my point of view is something that is still in process.  I know what is important to me, and I have lived a very eventful and unusual life in many respects.  However, communicating what I’ve learned from my crazy life experiences through a cohesive body of work is something I am still working on.  My craftsmanship is improving,  so it is now time to start putting more of “myself” into my work.

All of us can benefit by putting more of ourselves into everything we do.  To do anything less is to live in fear and not in love.  Some people won’t be able to handle it and will drop out of your life.  If they do, they were meant to. Others will be intrigued and will adore you for who you are which is, as we already discussed, the basis of all effective communication.

Communicate without fear and go follow your bliss…


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