Art and Film

My wonderful experience at El Camino has opened a number of doors to me in terms of exposure to the world of art.  As an undergraduate at UCLA I never considered pursuing art as a career.  Those types of classes were not available to me in high school nor were they encouraged at home.  I did study English literature in college, however, which is as close as I ever got to fine art.  I still love great literature, though, and always will.

By pursuing art, illustration, and animation classes at El Camino I became exposed to their Film and Video classes.  Through these I found my real niche – an area where I can combine my artistic sensibilities with my background in English.  Last week I pitched 3 shows that were very well received (by a very tough professor!).

My new blog is  There I share my insights on film and video and post my photographs since I am also learning my way around a camera.

Thank you to all who have read these posts and supported me.  I hope you’ll check out my blog on film.  And, more importantly, I hope you are all pursuing your dreams with passion!

Now go follow your bliss…

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