Resources in the Art World

During this MLK weekend, most of my time so far has been spent on my MBA studies.   My portfolio class at El Camino is on recess until Tuesday, and we had no homework.  But I did spend a fair amount of time researching careers in the arts this week.  There are some interesting resources out there that I wanted to share, especially for those independent artists who want more education or exposure.

Animation Magazine provides all the latest on the industry and great images of famous animation, which always inspires me.   They have lists of industry professionals that are available to subscribers.  This is a great feature for any digital artist looking for a job.

Art Instruction Inc. is a correspondence course that teaches art to students from the comfort of their own homes.  You can choose different fields of art to learn about.  I just recently sent off for the information so I don’t know all the details yet.  But I do know that Charles Schulz studied there (*bow*, I am not worthy; *bow*, I am not worthy…)

Virtual Art Academy is an online school that I found in one of my art magazines.  Again, from the comfort of your home, you can learn fine art and get feedback, just as you would in a brick-and-mortar classroom setting. For those who are online a lot anyway, and who don’t have time to travel to a classroom, it could be a perfect solution.

Finally, for those in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, Redondo Beach Art Group is a group of artists who hold their own openings. Any fine artist is eligible to join.  They have monthly meetings and periodic openings.  I reviewed one of their openings that was held last year – The Power of Art.  It was fabulous.  I may give them a try if I can find time in my crazy schedule!

Most of own work this week has been on my comics.  I hope all you artists and creative types are sticking with it.  But whatever it is you do – do it with passion!

Now, go follow your bliss…

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