A New Year in Art

Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve all included “making more art” in your New Year’s resolutions!  I certainly have several art-related resolutions – including achieving my AA in Studio art and purchasing Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Creating my first comic took up most of my time this week.  I also completed a really interesting book called The Supergirls by Mike Madrid.  It was exclusively about the history of female characters in comic books.  Their stories are fairly dismal given that the field is heavily male-dominated.  The female characters often suffered from ridiculously impractical costumes, overly sexualized images, and a scatter-brained lack of focus on their careers as heroines.

Nevertheless, the author’s love for female comic book characters is very apparent.  It really got me thinking about the need for more female comic book writers and even a whole separate industry of comic books specifically for females.  If I can make any kind of contribution, even in an underground comic book or web comic, that would make me very happy.

The other thing I finished was the sketch from last week.  I decided to color it with pastels since I need practice in that medium. Besides just making art, I have been doing a lot of reading about the industry.

I have been giving more attention to the career side of art while I have been on vacation.  I enrolled in a business course which starts in a couple of days.  I plan to be self-employed, so I need to be competent in running my own business in addition to honing my skills as an artist.

Another reality of the art world is an ongoing tension between fine art and commercial art.  Many artists enjoy both, but are forced to ignore or downplay the commercial art they do.  Some have to produce either their fine art or their commercial art under a pseudonym in order to appease their gallerists.

This isn’t a problem for me yet, since I’m still in school.  However, I thought it would be wise to separate my blogs and Facebook accounts.  This blog will remain my main one while I am in school.  However, I have added separate blogs for my fine art and my comics.  The comic in this post looks much better at the other blog: R&B Comics.

Anyway, I hope you haven’t broken any of your resolutions already!  If you have, just shake it off and try again.  Don’t give up!

Now, go follow your bliss…

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