Art School Vacay – Finding My Niche

This is my first weekend following the end of my first semester at art school.  Although I felt a bit lost at first (since I am used to juggling six classes and being gone all day and evening) I feel like I’ve found my groove.

The beauty of vacation is that you get to determine your own schedule and your own course of study, if you choose.  Some people travel, some people veg on the couch.  Since I’m a nerd, I have chosen to study and try to find my creative niche as an artist.

I know the types of things I care about: social, political, and economic justice; racial and gender equality; spirituality; classical art, music, and literature; and entrepreneurism.  But, which of these things should I center my art around?  Which of these worlds should be my niche?

To help me find out, I spent the afternoon at the library.  The Civic Center Library in Torrance is one of the best non-university libraries I’ve ever been to.  It’s fabulous.  And it’s open on Sundays!  Anyway, I got the following books as part of my vacation self-education plan:

  1. Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV, by Jennifer Pozner
  2. Selling Art Without Galleries, by Daniel Grant
  3. The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines, by Mike Madrid
  4. Drawing Cartoons & Comics for Dummies, by Brian Fairrington
  5. The Business of Being An Artist, by Daniel Grant
  6. Making Comics, by Scott McCloud
  7. Watercolor Painting For Dummies, by Colette Pitcher
  8. Figure Drawing Workshop, by Allan Kraayvanger
  9. How To Make Clay Characters, by Maureen Carlson

My goal is to complete all of these books before school starts back and to make several pieces of art that are inspired by what I learn.  This is a cool challenge and I’m excited to see what comes of it!

I think when you find your passion, you have energy to burn!  Suddenly you can’t learn enough, grow enough, or share enough.  I hope my wacky exploits encourage you to explore your own passions to the fullest!

Now go follow your bliss…

2 thoughts on “Art School Vacay – Finding My Niche

  1. Wow! You go Raven! I have to admit, when I saw the list of books, my first thought was “she’s crazy!” But then, I remembered a few times when I was that enthusiastic and focused. It’s a beautiful thing. Actually, your list of interests seems o huge I wondered about that too. But then again, if we all search our soul, we will find we have concerns and interests about many areas as well. It’s a matter of choosing an area of focus at one time. Think about our “heroes” and “heroines” of the 20th century. They were focused in one area, gained renown in that area and took that energy to other areas of interest. God bless you in your endeavors!

    • LOL! Thanks for the reply Eddie! Yes, specialization and focus are important so I want to make sure I choose my focus carefully rather than arbitrarily. And my library lets us check books out 3 weeks at a time, and renew twice, so I only have to read one book per week in order to finish, which is manageable. But I don’t mind being called “crazy”.


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