Art School – Week 14 Post-Thanksgiving Weekend Haze

This past week was mercifully short, although we still managed to get a lot done.  I spent most of the weekend on my Hero project which is finally complete. Because I have been soaked in the theme of heroes, the concept has been on my mind a lot.   I recently got wind of the anti-heroic behavior of someone in my life – not the fiend-like ex-boyfriend whom I’ve discussed previously.  Although that foolishness was a surprise to me, it was nowhere near as disappointing as this second major disappointment.  I discovered that a male family member, whom I have always thought very highly of, had been guilty in the past of some highly disappointing behavior.  The behavior was neither illegal nor criminal, but it was ongoing, over a period of years, and demonstrated an amazing and flagrant lack of character.

My initial reaction was shock followed by sadness.  Certainly  we are all human.  But at the same time, there is something in us , in me, that wants to believe that the word “human” is not a mild insult.  I deeply long for the word “human” to mean something great – something closer to the word “humane”.  Nevertheless, looking for perfection in the created world is bound to lead to disappointment.  This is why we create religions  – and heroes.  We can understand the theoretical concept of perfection, but only from a limited human perspective.  Real perfection is a functional combination of everything – that which we consider “good” AND all those things we call “bad”.

As for me, all I can do is enjoy the Now, be grateful for all my blessings, and be patient with everything else.  One blessing that I discovered this past week was our campus art gallery.  I had visited it before, but this latest exhibit is the best I have seen so far.  The artists on display are our own teachers and faculty!  (You always hope that the people who are teaching you truly know what they’re talking about, but it is especially nice to have that confirmed).  Almost every single piece was absolutely stunning.  Some of my favorites include Vince Palacios’ Alchemy Series: The Bee Keepers (although my picture didn’t come out), Randall Von Bloomberg’s Scratch, Lee Kim’s Madrona Marsh, and Russ McMillan’s Soldier On Two Fronts.  All of the pieces delivered, however.  I left the exhibit really proud and excited!

As I gear up for the first week post-holiday, thinking about my teachers and their hard work both in the classroom and in the studio is truly motivating!  It makes me want to shake off the past four days of lazy timelessness and get back to work!  May your Monday morning be just as cool as mine!

Now go follow your bliss…

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