Art School Week 11 – Cheers!

Week 11 of art school at El Camino promises to be interesting.  The highlight from last week was that we finally got our ceramic cups back.  The teacher slopped a bunch of orange juice in them then made us choose a cup that was not our own to drink out of.  We were all grossed out by this request (and, confidentially, I drank out of my own cup on the sly.  Cheers, suckers!)  Check out the slideshow at the end.

Several people were disappointed in their cups but I was happy with mine.  I chose simple colors and had used a base of white slip prior to glazing.  This gave me some rich colors on many of them and clean designs, which I like.  We will be working on bowls for the next couple of weeks.  Since our teacher already told us that we won’t have enough equipment for everybody, and since he offered no solutions, alternatives, or deadline extensions, I guess it’ll be a fight to the death.  Luckily I started working out last week…

Another benefit to working out will be, hopefully, a more svelte and luscious figure!  I will get to show it off (albeit prematurely, since I’ve only been exercising for a week) at the “fashion show” in Digital Art.  We had to design T-shirts, as I mentioned last week.  Our critique will consist of everyone wearing their T-shirts to class.  I doubt that there will be a catwalk, but if I were the teacher, I’d make it happen!

We are also working on our movie poster project.  My uncle had a great time being my model.  The movie is called Veteran’s Day.  The tag line is “They promised him security.  Now THEY will need security.  He is dressed in leather, a black hat and is carrying his cane and a (fake) gun.  He was a real pro!  Regardless of the grade I get on this thing, I am having a ball with it!!

Our drawing class is working with charcoal.  Charcoal is not my medium, at least not yet.  I drew a piece of fabric that my teacher hung up on the wall.  I think if you look at it directly it turns you to stone.  Pictures of that one will remain hidden until he gives them back to us.  I will show you a picture of it wadded neatly in the trash.

Sculpture class still has us working on our Hero project.  We are making real sculptures (well, sort of) using wire, foil, and SuperSculpy.  This is new territory for almost all of us.  During a moment of wild artist ambition I volunteered to make 3 sculptures, one each of my top 3 heroes.  As I ticked away hour after hour on Friday winding foil around my little wire sculptures, I questioned my sanity.  Why would I agree to do three sculptures when I’ve never even made one?  Why, I said?!  When a teacher inspires me, I end up doing bizarre and crazy things…

Malcolm X pointing, Muhammad Ali in victory, Oprah giving thumbs up

With our puppet project behind us (amen!), we will now embark on a new project.  I can’t really tell from the teacher’s description what exactly we’re going to be doing, but mercifully, the only supplies we need are a pair of scissors (amen again!).

My quest for furthering my education continues.  I have completed my application file at California College of the Arts, my favorite, and should hear back in a couple of weeks.  I have pretty much decided, though, to remain at ElCo for the next couple of years.  I’m getting a great education for bargain prices.  Whatever’s missing, I can supplement on my own.  Chasing one’s dreams is not always a straight path, but it’s always worth it!

Now, go follow your bliss…

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2 thoughts on “Art School Week 11 – Cheers!

  1. Go ‘head, Raven! You are having quite the adventure! Honestly, I miss school! I love the academic environment, especially art classes. No matter what school you choose, it is an adventure. By the way, I love your photography! Your composition is tight! Love the cups – the mug is nice! Do you and continue following your bliss!

    • Hi, Eddie, Thanks for your thoughtful response! Yes, being in the academic world is a lot of fun. It also definitely thickens your skin! You don’t always get to make what you want, but there’s plenty of time for that! I am just trying to focus on enjoying the journey and not become too obsessed with the destination! : )

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