Art School Week 9 – Occupy ElCo?

I am heading into week 9 of Fall Semester at El Camino College!  This is quite a milestone.  Half-way done and half-way to go!  This past week was eventful for a few reasons.  We had Shakeout 2011 – the earth quake drill that is supposed to prepare us for a 9.0 earthquake.  If anyone can actually say they are prepared for a 9.0 earthquake, I would question their sanity.

In any case, my drill took place during Sculpture class, as everything interesting tends to.  Our duty was to drop to the floor and follow our leader out to the courtyard, where we were to stand calmly and feel the sensation of surviving the major quake.  Well, only about 90% of our class “dropped”, while the rest sat entranced by their cell phones.  Our “leader” abandoned us immediately and then reluctantly joined us after we teased him.  We all eventually went our own ways and awaited the ear-piercing sirens that would alert us that this charade was finally over.

I went on my own and sat down to lunch.  As I was minding my own business, a small (very small) group of people started chanting “We. Are. The 99 Percent!”.  Given the general apathetic mood on campus that day, I was impressed with the zeal of these precious few.  While almost none of us joined in with the chant, there was a general mood of support in the crowd.  About 10 minutes later, the police swooped in and drove across campus to squash these tiny little voices of dissent.  At this point the apathetic crowd rose up to complain.  I took pictures and others video-taped this unnecessary show of police muscle – just in case things got out of hand.  The protesters were peaceful and the police presence was certainly bizarre, but, in the end, no one got arrested or brutalized and I finished my salad in peace.

The rest of my work continues to progress.  My creepy marionette is coming along nicely.  My ceramic horse should be done this week.  And my drawing continues to improve.  This week I am going to introduce a new medium to my painting repertoire – watercolors.  I have used them a tiny bit in the past but have never received any instruction on how to use them properly.  Nevertheless, I look forward to playing with it and seeing what happens.  Pictures of the current stuff follow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Marissa Roth, photojournalist, speak at our school.  She is an amazing artist and woman.  Although I was skeptical at first  – and, indeed, only showed up to receive extra credit points – I ended up learning a lot and getting really inspired.  Roth is definitely a woman who knows how to listen to her inner artist.  She is fearless and does amazing work.  If interested, please see my write-up at Adventures In Art.

Now go follow your bliss…

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