Art School, Week 8

This week in Sculpture class Russ announced an art opening in Redondo Beach, CA called The Power of Art.  It was at the power plant on Harbor Drive.   The exhibit is artist-run and is happening this weekend, October 14-16, and next weekend.  I went to the opening with low expectations, having partially bought into the idea that artists who exhibit outside of the gallery Establishment are somehow lesser-than.

Much to my surprise and delight, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than reflecting the tastes of one or two “gallerists”, this show was a collection of many different types of art, reflecting many different viewpoints. The show was very well-run and the artwork was organized smartly.  Several pieces moved and inspired me.  Cameras were allowed, so I took more pictures than I have ever even wanted to take at a gallery.

One piece that I especially liked was a watercolor that was selling for $12,000.  It depicted a homeless man and was done in watercolor.  Another mesmerizing one was called ROB.  The artist was Rob Edwards who passed away in 2001.  It was submitted by his brother as a tribute.  Something in the eyes, combined with the cracked mirror effect, combined with the fact that the artist is now deceased, captured something deep within me.  I must have stood in front of that painting for at least ten minutes, with Rob’s eyes boring into my soul.

Several other pieces were amazing both in craft and concept.  The exhibit consisted of a nice variety of acrylic and oil paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, and mixed-media pieces.  Following is a slide show of my favorite pieces.

My own artistic endeavors this week consisted of a ceramic horse for ceramics, a self-sculpture for Sculpture class, my unfinished Drawing midterm, my digital art cartoon project and my marionette for 3D Design.  Pictures of a few of the unfinished projects follow.  Also, El Camino College hosted a special exhibit for Dia de los Muertos.  Although I thought the show would be morbid, it was not.  It was celebratory and very special. Plus, by attending it I got extra credit!

After a wonderful day of viewing art I finished up the afternoon today California Style – at the beach.  While ostensibly studying for my art history midterm on Tuesday, I had the pleasure of watching a handsome group of four playing beach volleyball in the sun!  Does it get any better than this?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now go follow your bliss…

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