Art School, Week 7

My life at El Camino Art School continues to develop and unfold.  I am happy to report progress in all areas and increased confidence in my vision and abilities as an artist.

In ceramics, we finished our cups and they have gone in to be fired. The next test will be whether or not they actually work: do the handles stay on when picked up, and do they hold water rather than leak?  I believe mine will hold up, but we shall see!  Pictures to follow this week!

In sculpture class I am working on a sculpture of myself meditating.  It is a very personal piece because my spiritual life is the foundation for everything I do as an artist and as a human being.  I am using clay – Rio Red – which is a wonderful medium for sculpting the human form.  It is stiff enough to hold its shape easily in the hands of a beginner, yet it is still pliable enough to work with.

In digital art, our cartoon characters are due this week.  I have pictures up at Adventures In Art School Boo and CDog are my digital creations born out of my personal life and love of cartoons.  Regardless of the grade I receive, I love these little characters!

3D Design class has us working on marionettes.  My marionette is an elderly zombie with poor dental hygiene.  We are using paper mache, wires, paper clay, and paint.  It is labor intensive but the results are hilarious.  I will post my process in the next post.

The most exciting event of the past week, however, is my acceptance into graduate school.  I have been accepted to the MFA program at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  I plan to study painting  and hone my technical and conceptual skills as an artist.  While there are many details to work out in order to pursue this opportunity (mainly financial and logistical), I am confident that everything will work out for my highest and best!  Wish me luck as I continue the process of living out my calling and becoming a beneficial presence on the planet.

I wish you luck as well, knowing that the innermost longings of your soul will manifest into existence according to your belief, intention, and persistence.

Now go follow your bliss…

2 thoughts on “Art School, Week 7

  1. Wow Raven! You’re having an excellent adventure! It’s been a very long time since I was in school and listen to you and your classes, I miss it. God’s continued blessings flow into your life and he will open doors necessary for Grad school. God bless you!

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