The Perfect Artist’s Apartment

Last week I spoke about my desire to relocate to San Francisco.  Although I have been told that the art scene is barely-there, the city itself inspires in me a desire to create and appreciate art.  Whether that is because of the stately majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge, the incredible food at Fisherman’s Wharf, or the open-minded laid-back attitude of its residents, San Francisco is where I plan to end up.

Although it is merely a fantasy at this point, I have found a great future apartment in the center of downtown San Francisco.  It is called The Lofts at One Powell (  It has one bedroom, one bath, and is smack dab in the heart of downtown San Francisco.  It is near all major transportation, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and several restaurants and theaters.

A big part of being a prolific artist is being able to consistently inspire one’s self to create.  Having the perfect apartment in the perfect city is not a requirement for being a real artist, but it certainly does help.  Wish me luck as I pursue my dream career, my dream city, and now my dream apartment!

Now, go follow your bliss…

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